Students at the Douglas Institute are an integral part of the Foundation. They make donations, volunteer at our events, and are selected for awards and fellowships from donors, such as the J. Armand Bombardier Foundation. More importantly, however, these young, bright minds are the future of the Douglas Institute and their successes help ensure the Douglas maintains its leading-edge in mental health.

Hanna Kienzler is one such student; she is also a recent winner of the Foundation’s bi-weekly Douglas Employee Lottery.

Hanna is a cultural and medical anthropologist who is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Douglas under the supervision of researcher Dr. Duncan Pedersen.

Hanna has a long-standing interest in the mental health outcomes associated with organized violence and ethnic conflict. For her postdoctoral research, she is examining the connections between global health agendas and humanitarian mental-health programs in Kosovo and the occupied Palestinian Territories. She will travel to both places for her field work.

When asked why she chose to support the Foundation, she said that she believes that "it is important for students and researchers to work in close collaboration with mental health care providers in order to translate research findings more effectively into better care for people living with mental illness. The Foundation plays an important role in drawing people with different resources together to achieve this goal."

The Foundation thanks Hanna for her support, along with all the other students in the Research Centre who have helped shape the success of the Douglas Institute’s Research Centre and the Foundation.

Photo: Hanna Kienzler and Jane H. Lalonde, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Douglas Institute Foundation