Alain Brunet, Duncan Pedersen, and Hanna Kienzler are three of the Douglas’ amazing researchers. Their application for a $ 100,000 grant from Grand Challenges Canada was voted to first place by more than 100 votes! Thank you to all those who voted!

The results of the online poll will be important in determining the grant recipients. Stay tuned for the results!

Their project is really important and practical. They want to help Nepalese torture victims (from the civil war) who suffer from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

The generic drug they will be using was originally developed to treat hypertension. Alain Brunet and his colleagues at McGill and Harvard found that it can treat PTSD because it takes the edge off bad memories. This treatment has been the focus of scientific media attention, including Scientific American, Smithsonian, and The Nature of Things. Alain (who was named to Maclean’s annual honour roll as one of the 39 Canadians who make the world a better place to live) has been using it here in Canada.

Alain's colleagues, Duncan and Hanna, are interested in mental health issues in developing countries where there has been major conflict, social injustice, or poverty. The three have teamed up to offer this new PTSD therapy to non-western torture victims to see how applying the drug can help them and others in similar situations.

God knows there are many, many people who need this type of help when we think of all the awful civil wars, guerilla wars, insurrections, etc. that have been going on and still are. Alain, Duncan, and Hanna propose a cheap and effective treatment that can be easily delivered...

The grant comes from the Government of Canada. Click here for more info on the program:

Good luck to our three researchers!