The Douglas is a powerhouse in neuroscience and mental health research and attracts world-class scientists. Douglas psychiatrist and researcher Johanne Renaud, MD, is a case in point. She recently distinguished herself among an already elite group of clinical researchers in mental health.

Dr. Renaud was awarded an Honourable Mention for the 2012 Klerman Prize by the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, the largest private granting agency for mental health research.

The Klerman Prize & The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation

The Klerman Prize is awarded by the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation for outstanding achievements in clinical research by a former recipient of their Young Investigator Award. Dr. Renaud received this award, which is given to two promising young scientists each year. The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation is based in the US but applications come from around the world and the selection criteria are very competitive.

A Scientist Invaluable to the Douglas

The fact that Dr. Renaud received an honourable mention among such a prestigious scientific circle is a testament to her accomplishments.

Her studies have demonstrated that a significant proportion of children and adolescents who commit suicide were left without appropriate healthcare support in the period preceding their suicide. These findings underscored the need for an overall increase in the healthcare services delivered to youth at risk for suicide as well as the need to train health professionals to better detect those at risk.

“We are fortunate to have Dr. Renaud at the Douglas, and are thrilled that she heads up the Standard Life Centre for Breakthroughs in Teen Depression and Suicide Prevention” said Lynne McVey, Executive Director, Douglas Institute.

“We congratulate Dr. Renaud on receiving this prestigious recognition. Her work represents the hope that we can save young lives, and help the greatest possible number of teens develop their full potential and live life to the fullest,” said Ann-Marie Gagné, Associate Vice-President, External Communications and Public Affairs, Standard Life in Canada.

About the Standard Life Centre

At the Standard Life Centre for Breakthroughs in Teen Depression and Suicide Prevention, Dr. Renaud and colleagues are evaluating which interventions are most effective in treating depression and preventing suicide in youth. To benefit young people across the country, they will offer training to healthcare providers, community organizations and other partners.

This Centre was launched thanks to generous support from Standard Life, the largest corporate donation strictly designated to preventing depression and suicide in youth.