When I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa in 2008, I could not see a future for myself without an eating disorder. My body and my mind were so ravaged by the disorder that I often felt hopeless that things would ever improve.

Luckily, my doctors at the Douglas’ Eating Disorder Program believed in my recovery when I could not believe in it myself. Their warm, supportive team allowed me to feel reassured and comforted during my darkest moments. I now consider myself fully recovered from my eating disorder, and I am so grateful to have been treated at the EDP.

Thanks to their help and support, I realize how much better life is without the constant obsession of weight, food, and calories. In the summer of 2012, I decided to use my own experience with an eating disorder to help other patients reach full recovery, too, by getting involved with Project HEAL, an organization that promotes positive body image and eating disorder awareness. It has been awesome, and I could not have reached this point without the EDP.

Recovery is possible, and worth it!