Over 100 people braved the frigid cold on January 24th to take part in MentaliTea, the very first fundraising event organized by the Young Ambassadors of the Douglas Institute Foundation. The sold-out evening was held at Phillips Lounge in downtown Montreal.

“The energy tonight is very palpable,” exclaimed Lynne McVey, Executive Director of the Douglas Institute. “You can feel a true movement for mental health starting to take shape. I invite the youth here tonight to talk about mental health to the people they know, and I applaud your involvement.”

Frédéric Laurin, President of the Young Ambassadors, had no problem convincing young professionals to join his group. “We all know someone who is directly or indirectly affected by a mental health problem and talking about it doesn't scare us. One of our goals is indeed to break taboos.”

Carl Ernst, PhD, a young researcher at the Douglas, talked about the benefits of green tea on the brain.

The Foundation would like to thank its Young Ambassadors for all of their hard work as well as congratulate them on the sucess of MentaliTea.

Photo (bottom) : Frédéric Laurin, President of the Young Ambassadors of the Douglas Foundation

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