Three-quarters of mental health problems begin before age 24. Sadly, delays in treatment often lead to chronic illness and needless suffering. The Douglas has designed programs especially for youth to ensure timely care and appropriate treatment.

Dr. Jean-François Bélair, a child psychiatrist, is the Medical Director of the Intensive Intervention Program for Adolescents. This program offers super-specialized clinical services to youth ages 13 to 17 who have not responded adequately to other treatments.

Dr. Bélair explains that “When mental health problems first appear, the teenager and those close to them need all the help and knowledge available in order to fight the illness and return to a state of well-being.”

The program’s aim is for the adolescent to recover and return home with optimal functioning. “For many years, we have seen countless youth and their families, full of hope and life, who suffer not only from their symptoms but also from the prejudices and ignorance surrounding mental illness. Adolescence is a crucial time in an individual’s development. And, that’s why the adolescent's cause is close to our hearts.”

Since the Foundation supports projects that help us better understand and prevent mental illness, Dr. Bélair is proud to say he is a donor to the Foundation. “I am convinced that, by investing in research, teaching, and the advancement of knowledge and treatment, we can make a difference, create hope and impact the well-being of our patients.

Mental health is everyone’s responsibility. I invite you to join us in supporting our youth, those fighting against mental illness, to help them come out of the battle victorious, with their head held high and their eyes towards the future.”

Because of the support of donors like you and Dr. Bélair, the Foundation is able to invest in young healthy minds.

Top photo : Dr. Jean-François Bélair