Recently the newspaper Le Devoir published two articles which showcased the work done at the Douglas Institute and the inseparable link between treatment and research. As the Douglas possesses the largest research centre in neuroscience and mental health in Québec, it is at the forefront of new discoveries.

The first article contained an interview with Ms. Lynne McVey, Executive Director of the Douglas. As many Douglas doctors are also researchers, our patients are invited to participate in research projects. Their treatment is constantly adjusted according to the latest findings and treatments. And, this accelerates their recovery.

Ms. McVey added that, at the Douglas, “we take research results and translate them into clinical practice”. This aproach is called translational research. She also added that “we strongly believe in this approach and we hope that the greatest number of people benefit from it.”

In the second article, Gustavo Turecki, MD, PhD, and Naguib Mechawar, PhD, two internationally-renowned Douglas researchers, also spoke about their efforts to integrate research to clinical care.

In fact, the research group that these two scientists belong to, the McGill Group for Suicide Studies (MGSS), discovered that childhood mistreatment can cause brain changes this increase the risk that a person will attempt suicide.

The Douglas has a superspecialized program for people with depression and suicidal behaviour. Thanks to the scanners available at the Douglas’ Brain Imaging Centre, our doctors can see the prognostic of their patients. If they can better predict the evolution of the illness, they can intervene more adequately. This would signify a more rapid recovery for our patients.

The Douglas Institute Foundation invests in research projects that aim to better understand, treat and prevent mental illness. By giving to the Foundation, you are investing in healthy minds.

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Photo: Lynne McVey, Executive Director of the Douglas Institute