Michel Perreault, PhD, is a Douglas researcher who evaluates services and treatments in psychiatry with the intent of seeing how they can be improved.

On October 25th, Dr. Perreault gave a conference called «Quand les valeurs du travail nous envahissent » ("When Work Values Invade Us") to celeberate the release of the pocket edition of his book « Je ne suis pas une compagnie ! ».

This conference was organized by the Foundation, with the collaboration of the Healthy Douglas club (which provided nutritious lunches). Around 170 employees and students of the Douglas came to participate.

Dr. Perreault kindly donated 100 copies of the first edition of his book to the Foundation to sell that afternoon. Thank to his generosity, the Foundation raised $ 750 that day.

We still have copies available for sale at $ 10 (taxes included). To get a copy, please contact the Foundation at albena_dot_petkova_At_douglas_dot_mcgill_dot_ca

The Foundation would like to thank Dr. Perreault for his creative initiative. We wish him continued success with his book and other projects.

We would also like to thank all those who came to the conference and who supported the Foundation by buying a copy of the book. Thank you for investing in healthy minds!