Thank you to Elizabeth Ellwood for a creative and generous initiative that raised over $2,830 for the Douglas’ Eating Disorders Program. It was both her first race and her first fundraising event so we congratulate her doubly on her success!

This past September, Elizabeth ran the Montreal Oasis half-marathon and raised money by soliciting her family, friends and coworkers. She even kept a blog that documented her training and explained all the great reasons to support the Eating Disorders Program:

When asked what motivated her to take action to help the Douglas by taking on this new challenge, she replied:

Over the past year and a half, I have watched my sister Katie battle a life-threatening illness with great strength and courage. Through this difficult time, the Eating Disorders Program at the Douglas Institute has been a life raft for our family. 
Elizabeth and the Foundation thank everyone who supported her initiative: "Thank you for your kind donation. Your support has brought great hope and encouragement to my family and to many others".

The Foundation thanks Elizabeth for choosing to help make a difference for other families affected by eating disorders. Your generosity and determination are an inspiration!