Dr. Mimi Israël, psychiatrist-in-Chief at the Douglas Institute and an ex-officio member of the Foundation's Board, has been awarded the 2013 prix Reconnaissance de carrière Persillier-Lachapelle.

This award honours individuals who have devoted their career to developing and improving health and social services network services. It was presented to Dr. Israël by the Minister of Health and Social Services and by the Minister for Social Services and Youth Protection at a ceremony on November 15 in Quebec City.

"Dr. Israël is an exceptional clinician, researcher and administrator. All who know her can attest to her professional rigour, and to her humanity and ability to mobilize the health sector to improve access to mental health care. An award like the Persillier-Lachapelle is certainly fitting as it recognizes the contributions of an exceptional career dedicated to the well-being of people with mental illness. We are extremely proud and extend our warmest congratulations," said Lynne McVey, RN, MSc, Executive Director of the Douglas Institute.

Beyond the clinical mission

A clinician, teacher, researcher and administrator, Dr. Israël is interested in eating and mood disorders, crisis intervention, emergency psychiatry, and the organization and delivery of mental health services. She has overseen major organizational changes at the Douglas. This has included playing a leading role in improving living conditions for patients who must deal with the forensic system. Her reorganization of clinical services has been innovative, improving both the quality of and access to care.

Mimi Israël is sensitive to the needs of young professional women and well aware of the challenges they will face during their career. For this reason, she acts as a mentor for many women who are training or starting their career. Her research interests focus primarily on the influence of personality traits on neurobiological and genetic factors in eating disorders.

The fact that Dr. Israël received such high honours in both of these prestigious categories is a testament to her achievements. The Foundation congratulates her on her well-merited success.