The second edition of MentaliTea, a fundraiser hosted and organized by the Douglas Foundation’s Young Ambassadors, was again a big success. One hundred and forty people came to Newtown on Crescent Street on Thursday night to show their support for mental health. Ticket sales, donations, and sponsorships raised $ 16,650 for various research projects at the Douglas.
The need to help people with mental health problems is great. The Honorary President, sports journalist Andy Mailly-Pressoir, grew up close to illness. “My younger brother has a conduct disorder and a form of autism, while my younger sister suffers from cystic fibrosis. I see it as my responsibility to fight for them and for all others who have an illness.”

But if the need is great, so too is the possibility for personalized care based on research. “We now know that mental illnesses, just like physical ones, have a biological basis. Thanks to scientific advances, most mental illnesses can be treated effectively and even prevented,” said Lynne McVey, CEO and Executive Director of the Douglas Institute.

The event participants, who are mostly young professionals from fields like healthcare, finance, communications, etc. also had the opportunity to hear Dr. Mimi Israël, Chief of Psychiatry at the Douglas, highlight foods that are good for mental health. “Coffee, red wine and chocolate are excellent for the brain. But, we need to also have pleasure and find balance like the people on the Japanese island of Okinawa who live to be older than 100 and whose mantra is ‘Don’t worry, be happy’.”

The Douglas Foundation thanks sponsor Fasken Martineau as well as all the guests and donors who contributed to the success of the evening. A special thank you to our Young Ambassadors for all their hard work and dedication!

Photo above (from left): Andy Mailly-Pressoir, Honorary President; Frédéric Laurin, President of the Young Ambassadors; Dr. Mimi Israël, Chief of Psychiatry at the Douglas; Lynne McVey, CEO of the Douglas