Running a marathon is quite a feat! This kind of achievement requires months and months of training. However, it did not stop Viviane Rochon Montplaisir to overcome this challenge and run her first marathon on January 25, 2015 in New Orleans.

Getting into shape is often the reason why people sign up for these kinds of challenges, but it isn't always easy to get motivated. So, what’s the best thing to do? Find an incentive! This is exactly what Viviane did by raising money for the Douglas Foundation.

Running by the Douglas during her training was a source of inspiration. Viviane’s friends and family were by her side, supporting her initiative and encouraging her through the many hours of training. No matter the weather, nothing could stop Viviane.

On January 25, 2015, under a beautiful New Orleans sky, Viviane completed the marathon with a time of 4:58. She also managed to raise a total of $ 1 312.42. The Douglas Foundation thanks her for supporting mental health and hopes her achievement may inspire others to do the same.