We can’t say it enough; mental illness affects people of all ages. If someone you care about has been diagnosed with a mental illness, you may feel a mix of emotions – sadness, anger, frustration, guilt, etc. It's even harder when that loved one is your beloved son.

Maureen Lewin lost her son 5 years ago to mental illness. After years of mourning she decided to turn her grief into something positive. She chose to fundraise for mental health research in suicide prevention. Her initiative "Giving Wings to Research" took flight.

Last December, Ms. Lewin sold hand crafted butterfly magnets, broaches, cards, and bookmarks at the Sainte-Sophie market. These items were all made by her and her friends. Thanks to this initiative, Ms. Lewin raised over $400 for the Douglas Foundation but more importantly it allowed her to talk about her experience and share her story.

Although her son was not treated at the Douglas, Ms. Lewin heard of its world-renowned research center. She decided to support the Douglas so that this essential resource would remain strong and thriving and continue to offer care and hope to other families affected by mental illness. She also donated her son’s brain to help research and hopes that it may give initiative to others to do the same.

The Douglas Foundation sincerely thanks Ms. Lewin for supporting mental health research and applauds her courage and determination to help others.