More than $100,000 for mental health research

The Douglas Institute Foundation is pleased to announce that, thanks to the generosity of our participants and sponsors, the 2016 Défi Douglas-Groupe Copley was a resounding success. This second edition of Défi Douglas that took place last Sunday, August 14, raised over $100,000 for the advancement of mental health research at the Douglas Institute.

We often measure the value of a cause by the support it receives from the community, and we are particularly proud to have been able to count on partners such as yourself, as well as the members of the Foundation’s board of directors, and the researchers, doctors, employees and patients of the Douglas Institute who took part in the event and contributed to its success.

The advances achieved by the Douglas’s researchers in the fields of depression and suicide, eating disorders and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as the services for young people who are experiencing a first episode of psychosis, to mention just some of these accomplishments, are recognized worldwide, and are made possible by your support.

On behalf of all those who benefit from the work accomplished by the Douglas Institute’s researchers and doctors to prevent mental illness and improve treatment for it, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks.

Congrats to our champions!

Here are the winners per category according to Sportstats results (after corrections) and donations received at the Foundation to date:

• Best individual fundraising: Andrew Carter
• Best fundraising team of two: Géronto-Duo (Aurélia Micu & Codru Carvatchi)
• Best fundraising team of three: Hexa-Fun (Robert Brunelle, Vincent Lajoie, Stella Parlati)


• Best Male result: Anthony Gifuni
• Best female result: Liz Guevara
• Top 2 Teams: Lavery 1 (Isabelle Richard, Francois Nolet Lévesque, Maxime Rousseau-Turenne) | Manulife-Tri pour la cause (Caroline Lavallée, Paula Chamberland- Martin, Annie Dulude)

• Marie-Josée L'Espérance

Winners can pick up their prize at the Douglas Institute Foundation located on the 2nd floor of the Dobell Pavilion - Monday to Friday between 9: 30 am and 17 pm 30 – Room B-2145. Please call before at 514-761-6131; ext. 2761.

Congratulations to all - and thank you again for supporting the work being done at the Douglas in mental health by participating in the 2nd edition of the Défi Douglas Groupe Copley.

We hope to see you again next year.

The team at the Douglas Institute Foundation

* As the weather turned triathlons in duathlons, please note exceptionally this year - we have only one category for team results.