Your Support Takes Care of Youth and Their Families

As a result of the kind-heartedness of our donors, our youths will now be able to take advantage of a comfortably furnished lounge built this year. Serving as an information resource centre equipped with books, Internet access, and a host of educational materials, the lounge goes a long way towards supporting the recovery of young patients suffering from mental illness. What’s more, funding received from the Zhubin Foundation was used to hire and train new employees to provide specialized intervention for families of youth who have received treatment through the PEPP-Montréal Program.

"Our clinicians and researchers have demonstrated that early diagnosis and treatment can give youth a much greater chance to recover and lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Moreover, when we combine medication treatments with family support, psychosocial intervention and other essential tools for a steady recovery, the youth's prognosis improves greatly."- Ashok Malla, MD, FRCPC, Director, Clinical Research Division, Director of the Prevention and Early Intervention Program for Psychoses at the Douglas Institute.

The PEPP-Montréal Program is intended for young people aged 14 to 30 who are experiencing an untreated first episode of psychosis or who are at risk of developing a psychotic disorder. Thanks to the integration of research and teaching activities in the program, patients and their families benefit from state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment methods.

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