Wanted: All Brains

Scientists from all over the world make use of brain tissue samples from the Douglas-Bell Canada Brain Bank.

They study the brains of people who had mental illnesses or neurological disorders (e.g., Parkinson’s Disease) and compare them to the brains of people who did not. This type of research contributes to advances in knowledge about mental illnesses – which translates into improved treatments and better prevention methods.

Brain donation is a precious and ultimate gift that advances scientific research and gives hope to future generations. Scientists need both the brains of people that had mental illness and those that did not. Healthy brains are used for comparison purposes.

Brain donation is not covered on the sticker on the back of your RAMQ card. It is also not covered when you donate your body to a university.

If you would like to make the ultimate gift and donate your brain to be used by researchers unlocking the mysteries of mental and neurological disorders, please call: 514 761-6131, and press O to ask for the brain bank or go online to: www.douglas.qc.ca/brain-bank

The Foundation thanks Bell Canada for its $ 2 million investment in the Douglas-Bell Canada Brain Bank. This gift is the largest donation to a mental health institute ever made in Québec by a private corporation.

Why donate ?

“My mother had 6 sisters, all of whom developed Alzheimer’s. I’ve seen first-hand the devastating effects mental illness can have on an entire family. I have been healthy my whole life and I will donate my brain because I want to help others who are less fortunate.”

Manon-Lucie Sirois, Donor and volunteer

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