Did you know that 800,000 people in Québec are affected by depression? 800,000 people – that’s one and a half times the population of Québec City. Antidepressant drugs remain the most common treatment for depressive episodes, but, sadly, 40% of depressed patients do not respond well enough following several treatment attempts. The failure to respond to treatment has important individual, economic and social consequences for patients, their families and our society.

At the Douglas Institute's Centre for Innovation in Mental Health, world-renowned researchers from various disciplines work together to uncover the causes of depression. The cause could be different in each person. It is usually a mix between our genes, our childhood and the stress in our lives. You can become ill at any time.

This Centre leverages the expertise of the research teams and technology at the Douglas-Bell Canada Brain Bank and the Brain Imaging Centre. Without such research, there would be no advances in the treatment or prevention of depression, an illness that, in only eight years, will be the most wide-spread health condition in developed countries (World Health Organization).

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